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Taylored Media Weddings

Taylored Media Weddings is a Wedding Video Production team based out of Los Angeles with a singular focus on providing our couples with access to the highest quality video production experience possible. Cut no corners & spare no expenses is our motto, as our entire mission is to create videos that genuinely evoke emotion - the ones that bring a tear to your eye, and the ones that put a smile on your face. 

Our story begins in 2018 where we first entered the commercial video production industry. Since then, we have been providing top of the line video production for the likes of The Oscars, Wolfgang Puck, AAA, Nike, USC, The Dorchester Collection (Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel-Air), SCI Dignity Memorial, and many more. Our familiarity with these high end production value environments has given us the ability to comfortably work and operate some of the highest end camera gear available, as well as taught us invaluable skills in coordination and team strategy. 


Fast forward to today, and we are providing the same services to couples throughout the nation, just like you!


Simply put, if your mindset is along the lines of, “I don’t settle for anything less than the best”, then look no further, we’re for you. Everyone on the Taylored Media team is extremely passionate about our craft, but not only that, we’re extremely passionate about everything we do, every detail has to be perfect and every product that we put our name on has to be crafted to the absolute best of our abilities and meet our expectations. Nothing less. Our whole goal is to carry all of our extensive knowledge from our high end commercial video work, over to wedding video production in an attempt to provide an experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

*If you'd like to check out some of our commercial video work outside of weddings, we'll have some examples below!*

I was born in 1999 and grew up entirely in Los Angeles, doing what most kids do - going to school, studying, learning a few instruments, playing a ton of sports and a lot of video games. In 2017 I graduated from high school with honors, as MVP for my sports teams, and as my class representative. 

I developed an interest in photography during my senior year, and it’s safe to say that I absolutely fell in love with it. I have always been extremely creative and detail oriented, and combining that with my love for technology and computers went perfectly hand in hand together. The whole creative process from the conception of the shot, to actually shooting that shot, then bringing all of that into an editor and being able to hand craft a story out of it really resonated with me. 

From a young age, I was deeply interested in technology, and that started with video games. I started out on the nintendo 64 playing Mario Kart, then progressed to the gameboy advance and pokemon, then to the xbox 360 and games like Call of Duty and Halo! Nowadays you’ll frequently find me building high end desktop computers for me and my friends, and playing games like League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty, and Forza. I occasionally stream online and create content so feel free to drop in and say hi on one of my personal pages!


From a child, I was raised under the mindset that you can truly do whatever you want to do, but whatever you decide to do, just do it to the best of your ability, otherwise why even do it in the first place. Because of this, I attribute all things good in me to my amazing parents, as well as all of my family members that have supported me throughout my entire life. 

Christian Taylor

Commercial Video Samples

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