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Why us?

Taylored Media



We Travel

Whether your beautiful wedding venue is located locally in the Los Angeles area, or across the country, we are prepared to travel at a moment's notice. Book us six months before, or the night before and we'll be there for you.

Travel is included in pricing up to 50 miles from our main office.

4K UHD Video

Viewing your gorgeous, hand-crafted wedding film on your fancy new 85" TV? Each of our keepsake films is captured in stunning 4K UHD video, all shot on cinema grade cameras, and beautifully color graded by hand, allowing you to re-live your treasured moments in the highest quality video.

Latest Gear

Everyone on the Taylored Media team is a tech geek at heart, and we regularly spend our time keeping up to date with the latest tech news and product releases. This passion translates beautifully into our love for our video work. We strive to constantly update our gear and knowledge to craft the best video possible for you.

Fastest Return Time

Our whole craft revolves around capturing your most beautiful moments and crafting them into re-livable, cherished memories. That's why we have engineered a 100% in house post-production process that allows you to re-live your memories from that special day in record time.

Flexible Packages

Whether you need us for 2 hours or 2 days, we're more than happy to cater to any length, location, idea, editing style - anything that you could possibly envision. Every aspect of our video services is fully customizable to your exact needs.

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